Nicole Miller, New York Fashion Week

When I came over here from Dublin, I fecked around a little bit as per usual doing this, that and less of the other. You know yerself! Then I started my own business, a Celtic gift shop at 34th st, the shop that never opened early, especially Mon mornings. Sometimes people were giving out to me. A bar man around the block called to see what time I open at. I told him 11 am. He said "No, you don't." I said "Yes, I do." He said "I was there at 11. The shutter was down! and I was back again and again 'cause I need to pick a wee gift up for me girlfriend" Imagine this with a Nothern Ireland accent. You gotta love that accent.
I remember one day when designer Nicole Miller popped on in and bought stuff. We had a wee bit of a chat. To be honest I didn't have a bull's notion who she was as I didn't know Laura Linney, Olivia Newton John...who knows who else stopped by. I'm useless at recognizing people. You could put Tom Cruise beside me, I still wouldn't know who he is. I just thought she was a very nice lady. I think she called me one day and asked me to deliver some celtic jewelry to Park Ave that evening. I said "No can do my parents are over from Ireland and I have to go for dinner." The phone went silent for a sec. Then I heard a click. A small article about me in the New York Times Sunday edition.

Written by Mel