un baiser s'il vous plaît

lately i've been watching a lot of french films. in terms of story telling not too many hit the note these days but "shall we kiss?"was a rare treat. written and directed by emmanuel mouret who also played the role of a charming nerdy academic type with a goofy sense of naivety. an unusually intriguing narration kept us in place from the very start.  not a bit boring, instead the story unfolds casually, slowly, predictably as if nothing is the matter. we knew what was going to happen kind of way. emmanuel's endearing performance made it all seem agreeable when it could have been easily a bit perverse. sometimes writers know for sure it has to be done in a certain way to make the story work, whatever it may be...has to be done just that way. he knew only he could pull it off as nicolas as it was meant to be played out as innocently as it did. what a charming funny little story. it's what french do best. a unique twist in an ordinary life.