What fun?

Having fun doesn't have to involve big bang debauchery because you can find it in every nook and cranny in your life, yeah maybe sometimes, seriously what good is life if you can't?
Well, if you watch Fargo defo!! as far as crime story's concerned. Bumpkin cool full on action there, bumpkins rule 'cause they're all of us. With every good bumpkin story comes ingenious self-deprecating boundary defying comedy, a bonus. How funny was Billy Bob Thornton?


Mel Hamill, finalist for Script Pipeline’s Great Movie Idea contest

Mel Hamill was the runner up, the top three finalists for industry’s best Script Pipeline’s 2014 Great Movie Idea contest! He’s given a chance to develop it further fingers crossed into a movie!

Great news!


Mel Hamill playing Dr. Beaumont, Mysteries at the museum

Mel playing Dr. Beaumont, "The Father of Gastric Physiology".. Another chilling yet fascinating episode of Mysteries at the museum on the Travel Channel.


Mel Hamill playing Joseph Lee Heywood in Mysteries at the Museum

Mel playing tragic heroic bank teller, Joseph Lee Heywood at the First National Bank of Northfield, Minnesota in 1876 who fought 3 robbers..not giving in an inch to fear in Mysteries at the Museum for Travel Channel.


wonder the beyond

here's what our wonderful cast has to say

What can i say - it was a fun time working with all of you. I wasn't on set too much but it was a good time, everyone was super cool and easy to work with. I'm performing in a festival in Moldova this week. Strange little country, but beautiful and hot too.  Cheers from Chisinau!

I was relaxing in the desert after all that strenuous lifting (12 oz at a time) working on WTB. It was truly a pleasure working with you guys. It was somewhat of a small miracle, really, as the only actor in NYC whose bartending experience is exclusive to the receiving end of the bar. I wish you guys all the best in the promotion and dissemination of the film, and many more to come! I'm looking forward to a summer of teaching and performing theater in the Hudson Valley.

Without a doubt it was the most heart charging exhilarating roller coaster ride for me. All go from the getgo but we got it all done. Everything fell into place, the crew, the cast , everyone pitched in and did their best and it shows. It was fun to play the hero in the film charging through the mystery river of adventure not to mention having a love interest at last, the wonderful nicole. We did our best considering the time frame and budget and managed to finish it succesfully including post production. What matters is the end result and how it came out. It came out great. Thanks to everyone who worked on it and gave their time for the film. I really appreciate everything done. Cheers!
At the moment I have something else in the pipeline that I've been working on, the next project.  When I get the go ahead, I'll be able to let everyone know.

As an actor the most important thing in the world for me has always been to have fun. And when that fun comes with a heart of gold and a cast and crew to match, Bunty and "Wonder the Beyond " happens.


writing away

there’s nothing like writing in the park on a beautiful sunny day. this month, just finished polishing a period comedy which mel started writing first a long while ago. mel writes loads of brilliant horror stories that leap out from the page with such a strong commercial tone as well. my main interest is drama, but i’ll jump into any good story regardless of its genre. wonder the beyond is being sent out to a handful of sci-fi festivals this year, but we’d like to focus on getting the story up and out there in any shape or form possible. come and enjoy!


wonder the beyond

well folks, the time has come for Wonder the Beyond to be launched.
it was a joy to make this one what with the great locations at Broadway Stages, Brooklyn NY and all the lovely cast and crew! it takes a lot to make a film complete and everyone pulled their weight on this one. went off without a hitch! i must say i defo hope you folks enjoy this film as much as i did writing it and making it. it has a very unique story line filled with humour, tears, laughs and hugs.

life is a funny ol game and it starts quickly and ends slowly. i really love this story because it has a lot of human elements to it love, loss, endurance and that good always overcomes evil no matter the outcome. we all have a few sins hidden deep down in that bag so let's get those sins out in the open and clear them all up. you'll feel a lot better for it as a chinese wise man once said to me "mel, life is a garden which everything grows at it's own given pace"...actually i said it but it sounds better coming from a wise old chinese man haha.


wonder the beyonder

wonder the beyond is nearly at the finish line. as of now we're adding visual effects to the shots to fine tune it before we send it off to a couple of sci-fi film festivals this spring. ryan is at a mad dash to complete the visual effects on 4 critical shots. jaehi and yong jun in korea did a wonderful job with sound, sfx, music. thank you so much for working back and forth with me continuously, tirelessly well over a month regardless of time differences. it'll be up on youtube for everyone to enjoy along with a few bloopers. watch out my fellow perfect little humans!

the thing about money is

co-founder of red bull thai billionaire chaleo yoovidhya has died the third richest man, $5bn, in tailand came from a family selling fruits and ducks to survive in the country. sadly, that's all i read about his death. self made man alright but there are many in the world. the question is what did he do with his success and fortune? if he cleaned up the troublesome sex industry or anything at all remarkable besides obvious donations here and there before he died, there'll be something to say about him and remember him by. money is somewhat unimpressive, meaningless without purpose.


Flowers in a dead garden

"Flowers in a dead garden"

Flowers in a dead garden. Reflections of a lost past.
Joined by passion and pilgrimage.
Learning to stay focused.
The Holy Ghost, here in the room with me.
Training matter into a deeper self until it becomes an image.
Grant us the memory to fulfill and find the only source that matters.
Paint the text, title us with a Holy vessel, bear us the white twilight.

by Mel Hamill


the names of mixes

what a sweet, quirky little number this french baquette is! all the ingredients..politics, sex, ethnic struggle, feminism and more in one quick whipped mix. great script, our first crème brûlée award this year.


thumbs up david!

used to watch this cross country video log of an artist david choe. 200 mil rich criminal after facebook ipo article here. that's some sweet time on this earth my friend. hope his next adventure is as good as the first half! keep that wicked korean fire going~


wonder the beyond

a few more pics from behind the beyond scenes~


boyle oh boy!

happened to watch a morse episode that danny boyle directed. so excited but couldn’t help myself continuously thinking about how he approached this to visualize it shot by shot, an amazing storyteller. just immersed myself into every turn of his story carefully concocted with absolutely mesmerizing shots. looking for sound/effects inspiration for the beyond. have a rough cut and time for color correction, effects and music. endless editing continues.. sherlock will return next year!



what a bunch of crazy bastards. elijah wood in costume again. martin freeman oh yes. andy serkis 2nd unit director.



it's edit time. unlike last film i couldn't wait to capture all the footage, check them on a big screen. the thing with shooting with 5d is unless you're equipped with a directors monitor just so hard to see all the details, focus... we encountered quite a bit of challenge during the shoot but the important thing is that we finished together regardless. dan and everyone just trying to help as much as they can doing anything and everything above and beyond their duties to make this film work was just phenomenal. i'm humbled by your passion and dedication.



thank you phil and kimchi truck company for providing tasty lunch for our cast and crew for one day.  you are the only one who kept your word where others fell though at the last minute but you can always count on reasonably priced, delish chinese food which hit the spot like you wouldn't believe on the day of the water action scene.



this sunday was our last day of shoot. we thank all our cast and crew, Jason, Anthony, Dan, Rocio, Julie, Lili, Sara, Jorge, Greg, John, Ciaran, Nicole, Perry, Gizmo, Wayne, Andrew, Kirk, Kristen, Joel, Kevin, Bretony, Xavier, Michael, Bonnie and many more to come..for our post team.
cheers to you all!!

Hank, Fin and Ben


first day of shoot 12/3/11

we were wandering around getting the job done on the set of wonder the beyond.


wonder the beyond casting

Thanks to everyone who came to the audition. you were all great. big thanks to all of you. we have made our decision and notified them all individually. thanks again to everyone and best of luck to you all!



You have a coin in your pocket for the poor, smile on your face and a tune on your lips, you're Irish!  by Mel


wonder the beyond casting

big production meeting this sunday along with final casting. we are overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions via actors access post and i looked up every single actor.
that’s the nature of the beast...you apply for anything and everything, go for the audition and you work intensely, collaborate, synch even breathing with people you’ve never met before like we’re about to jump off a bridge together in a way more intimately than your own family to achieve [art]...magic, work, dream..