wonder the beyond

well folks, the time has come for Wonder the Beyond to be launched.
it was a joy to make this one what with the great locations at Broadway Stages, Brooklyn NY and all the lovely cast and crew! it takes a lot to make a film complete and everyone pulled their weight on this one. went off without a hitch! i must say i defo hope you folks enjoy this film as much as i did writing it and making it. it has a very unique story line filled with humour, tears, laughs and hugs.

life is a funny ol game and it starts quickly and ends slowly. i really love this story because it has a lot of human elements to it love, loss, endurance and that good always overcomes evil no matter the outcome. we all have a few sins hidden deep down in that bag so let's get those sins out in the open and clear them all up. you'll feel a lot better for it as a chinese wise man once said to me "mel, life is a garden which everything grows at it's own given pace"...actually i said it but it sounds better coming from a wise old chinese man haha.

love to each and all of you. now go check this baby out and let us know what you think but don't think too hard i don't want you to hurt yourself :)  with the help from you the fans, we can really push this to the limit and who knows maybe it might even become a regular on the TV circuit. we have 5 more juicy little episodes to tell so come on get crackin and burp this baby and get her walking.
by mel