What fun?

Having fun doesn't have to involve big bang debauchery because you can find it in every nook and cranny in your life, yeah maybe sometimes, seriously what good is life if you can't?
Well, if you watch Fargo defo!! as far as crime story's concerned. Bumpkin cool full on action there, bumpkins rule 'cause they're all of us. With every good bumpkin story comes ingenious self-deprecating boundary defying comedy, a bonus. How funny was Billy Bob Thornton?

A smart-crazy criminal trailblazes town leaving behind a path of bloody destruction. So simple yet flawless. Damn they made it as good as the original film. Loved season 1 of the series which I highly recommend to binge-watch especially during the boring holidays. Oh yes fun fun fun was had thinking of so many ways it could have ended..
The story also resonates on the gun control issues as the crime seemingly unravels fast when a mild-mannered insurance salesman gets a hold of a shotgun. Shows what effects the presence of a gun would have on the human psyche. Violence becomes a feasible possibility.

The Bridge crime series 1 & 2 was good as well yet to catch up with 3 with a strong female lead, timely with all the feminism fad, sadly how it's regarded as, or whatever you call it, is just about everywhere now, but no complaints here. Win is win. Here we get good entertainment.

Most of all though Netflix documentary series by two extraordinary women Making A Murderer was a truly ground-shaking-gripping, heartbreaking, infuriating, mesmerising to follow throughout the series. If injustice, atrocities this great against poor innocent hapless civilians can be committed in this modern age in the most prosperous country of civilised free world, what hope can the rest of us possibly have for ourselves? Beyond all lives destroyed and killed, because of what they had to stand up against this case has become bigger than life. Boy, this is a must see for all global citizens. We're all wrongly accused sentenced to life along with him. Grilling kids in the final episodes was almost like watching a horror film where vampires after slaughtering all adults in town surround themselves around the last child victim towering over, teasing the prey. Heart wrenching! All the Twitter buzz totally deserved, your time well spent. Wasn't it simply greed at the end of the day? To advance their careers and prospects, to satisfy their own fat interests, they deliberately enforced wrongful accusations, convictions furthermore framed and prosecuted poor old simple Joe after being exposed. Now the whole world knows and is outraged.